Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where the magic happens...

If you've visited our stores in the past few days you've likely come across a scene of Christmas clutter that looks a bit like this...

Here are a few "behind the scenes" images of the messes we make before we transform the stores into glorious holidays showcases.


99 spools of ribbon in a box, 99 spools of ribbon,
take one out, tie it around, 98 spools of ribbon in a box!

...can't even find the table we're supposed to be decorating!

Ugghh. Who wants to untangle this mess???

this is me photographing my "flocked" sweatpants and shirt sleeves. The ultimate holiday workshop accessory! The snow was "flocking" everywhere! Let's just say we had a little too much fun with the "flock" pun while decorating.
Here's Karsten, my head elf (and super-handy slave), hanging the millionth mirror/stocking holder/wreath/hook. Note essential tools for late night handywork: measuring tape and giant coffee.
I owe him big time for all the help. Thanks K-man!

Now you've seen the "before" stay tuned this week for the "after"!!!

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