Saturday, March 31, 2012

My name is...Slim Storage!

(extra credit to any of you who got my Eminem reference in the title of this post. I'm such a geek.)

If you're searching for a slim storage piece that has a lot of character, but doesn't take up too much space, look no further. We've found it!

This slim cabinet comes from one of our favorite manufacturers, The Uttermost!
It measures 42" wide x 32" high, and get this...
only 10" deep!
It's perfect for those tight spaces in the hallway, stair landing or powder room. Hang a mirror above it and place it in the entry for shoes, umbrellas, pet leashes, etc. It could even work in a small dining nook where you'd prefer a buffet but must accommodate for circulation around dining chairs. two of them on either side of your fireplace to enhance the centered focal point without taking up too much space for seating.
So many ideas...I know this piece has got to be the perfect answer to a few design dilemmas out there!

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