Monday, August 23, 2010

Trend Alert: Grain Sack Design

Vintage Grain Sacks are popping up everywhere. What was once considered a utilitarian vessel for the storage and transport of dry goods has now become the upholstery fabric of choice for designers everywhere. Used to cover accent pillows, upholster chairs, and even as artwork themselves, these one-of-a-kind grain sacks have become a statement among designers who embrace the re-use of old, time-worn, and collected materials.
Check out the link below to learn more about this unique trend in an article written for the Orange County Register.

We're expecting a fabulous new shipment of pillows made from these unique vintage textiles soon.
Be sure to visit us soon for first dibs on our one-of-a-kind items!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

You don't have to have a degree in floral design to create an eye-catching arrangement. Often times one single bloom or sculptural branch can have more impact than a complicated bouquet.

So, pick up your best shears and head out into the yard to find that special something.
Go grand in the entry and dainty on the nightstand.

Don't Be Late!

Make sure everyone gets out the door on time for school each morning, and post family reminders on this multi-function chalkboard clock. It even has a place to clip on signed permission slips!

Call For Images

To all of you who have enjoyed Harvest furnishings in your own homes, we would like to sincerely thank you! We are always inspired by our customers' unique installations of so many of our classic pieces. We would love to see the Harvest Homes that you've created.
Please share your images with us!

e-mail your favorites to
subject: My Harvest Home

Junk in the Trunk

Check out these hip installations of Vintage Trunks from Veranda magazine. Old cases are such a great way to add history and texture to your decor while creating hidden storage throughout the home.

Trend Alert: Classical Architecture

Lately, elements of Classical Architecture are making an appearance in modern furnishings. We see classic columnar forms, pediments, baluster silhouettes, and other iconic architectural details around every corner in the current market. The historic motifs translate to a look that is both sophisticated and timeless.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Las Vegas Market Preview

We've just returned from an exciting and exhausting week at the Las Vegas World Market, where we go to discover all the latest and greatest innovations and stye trends in our industry. We were overwhelmed, as always, with the abundance of fresh, new looks and must-have products that we can't wait to integrate into our stores.
Here's a quick preview of new collections to come...
Stay tuned for more detailed posts as more of these fabulous, new items make their way into our shops.