Thursday, December 23, 2010

We're Inspired By...McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier

In each of their unique homes, the interiors team of Bobby McAlpine, Ray Booth, and Susan Ferrier delivers a masterful mix of muted palettes and rich textures that blend seamlessly from one room to the next. Each intriguing space embodies an element of organic simplicity that lends an approachable appeal to even their most refined interiors. In their continued effort to create "the inheritable home" they design timeless spaces that evoke a sense of place, personal character and lived-in warmth. For all these reasons, we are inspired by McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier.


  1. Thanks for including all the McAlpine Tankersley Architecture work on here as well!

  2. Hello Greg,

    Thank you for your comment. I was a bit star-struck after reading it,--can't believe you actually caught sight of my little blog and took the time to comment. I have admired your firm's work for years, and I know that the interiors pictured in this post are part of a greater whole that includes the structures that surround them. Together, your architecture and interiors firms have achieved the uncommon, but highly desired, gestalt.
    Thank you for your creativity, talent and inspiration. We will continue to follow your work and look forward to learning more about your firm's next project.
    Happy Holidays! -Jaye

  3. I just found you through McAlpine Tankersly. I'm so envious you live in beautiful Menlo Park. My Mother lived next door to Sacred Heart and recalls pushing through the hedges to eat burned and scraped toast with the nuns for breakfast. We are also huge fans of Sir Bobby, come by and read our post.