Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Color Update: Graphite Gray Sofas

Velvety, graphite-gray fabrics adorn the unique silhouettes of these sumptuous sofas. This cover choice is both inviting and durable, two attributes we always seek in Harvest furnishings. We will introduce this fantastic material to our floor sample sectional in this next season's floorset. I'll be sure to post pictures when our graphite-gray, velvet sofa comes in! In the meantime, enjoy these inspirational images!

Tufted detailing on this chesterfield sofa enhances the sheen and beauty of velvet

the richness of gray velvet adds interest to this simple silhouette

A softer shade of gray is refined and romantic

Silver-toned sleekness

a simple frame covered in pewter sits within a modern-country aesthetic

illustrating depth and contrast in the juxtaposition of raw and refined materials

this sofa is the color of cool, coastal fog, but its velvety texture exudes comfort and warmth

The graphite gray looks fantastic on both traditional and contemporary frames. Love the pop of orange accents in this room (see previous post).

Nailhead detailing adds an additional layer of style and tradition to this frame. This charcoal hue creates the perfect backdrop for the emerald green accents.

Note: most of these sofas are pictured against a backdrop wall painted in a lighter shade of gray. This monochromatic move allows infinite possibilities for accents in any color. Gray looks outstanding with orange, gorgeous with green, and beautiful with blue!

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