Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Walls

My new home lacks architectural interest. It's essentially a box, most of the rooms are square, no cool nooks or cozy alcoves. In an effort to add character and interest to these simple spaces, I'm considering altering the wall plane with some unique (and affordable) treatments.

One idea I'm considering is upholstering an accent wall. There's a blank wall at the end of our hallway (pics to come), and I think it needs a little exclamation point at the end of the corridor. I've been inspired by the fabulous fabric wall in the Duralee showroom at the SF Design Center, (see below).

(hard to see how cool it looks here --it's the brown and white backdrop of the service counter)

In my search for the perfect design, I have found these inspiring fabric wall ideas on-line. Check 'em out!

Carolina Herrera did it!

So did her daughter!

I realize it's a bit "deziner" and that it can get kind of busy, but I think in small doses, these upholstered walls could be the perfect accent to help add more interest to my blank slate.
I'll post the end result if I end up going through with it. Stay tuned...

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