Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Raising the bar...

In my ongoing search for unique counter materials to top our rustic, reclaimed wood kitchen islands, I have come across some marvelous marble, stunning soapstone, and beautiful butcher block. But, I've recently discovered a new material that would elevate a rustic island to star status... Pewter!

I first spotted this unique installation at Thomas Keller's famed Bouchon Bistro in my neighboring town of Yountville.

The charming restaurant and bar attracts tourists and locals alike, and you'll always find several smiling faces gathered around their fabulous bar.

See the stunning pewter top in the images below...

The pewter can be cast in almost any size and shape, with varying edge detail options. The bar top in the famed Bouchon Bistro was commissioned in Paris, but I've found several resources online that exhibit beautiful craftsmanship in pewter, including one source right here in SF!

Pewter By Design
San Francisco, CA

Bastille Metal Works
Savannah, Georgia

Handcrafted Metal
Austin, Texas

More reasons to love Bouchon Bistro...

charming bistro details

ever-changing daily specials

though, the bread and butter alone would satisfy

always a delightful snack

 they have fashion mags and newspapers at the ready

it's a great spot for casual, outdoor dining too!

Don't miss the bakery next door!!!

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