Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Victories!

We have recently scored some amazing vintage accessories. Karsten just returned from a trip to Germany and brought some interesting items back to display in our shops. We have rustic signage, old printing plates, kitchen scales, grain sacks, and more!
pictured: German street sign

Karsten also had the pleasure of meeting some amazing display designers from Ralph Lauren who were happy to share some one-of-a-kind props used in RL photo shoots and merchandise displays. We're loving the polo and croquet mallets, framed black and white photos, vintage bocce balls, dressforms, etc!
pictured: genuine 1950's RCA service man's case

Of course we are still visiting local estate sales and antique markets to find unique, vintage accessories that will add character and stir up conversation in your home.
pictured: old vermouth crate from San Francisco

pictured: collection of Philadelphia Recorder newspapers from 1879-1880

Come in to see what's new!

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