Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bookcase Decor

I am often asked for the rules of creating an eye-catching bookcase vignette, and you'll be glad to learn that I have some tips to offer that will ensure a well-designed storage and display unit.
Use quality hard-cover books, (leather bound preferred) and position them vertically as well as horizontally. Use horizontal stacks to prop up special smaller items for display.

Work within a color scheme to create a cohesive composition of otherwise unlike objects.

Stagger alternate display items like ceramics and sculpture.

Integrate framed photographs and small works of art.

Always include a few surprise collected items for texture and interest.

Add storage containers to corral like items and collections.

Integrate natural elements to add life to your display.

Don't be afraid to mount artwork on the outside.

Make the case reflect your personal taste by filling it with books you've actually read, items and heirlooms you've collected throughout your life, and pieces of personal interest.

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