Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas in Every Corner...Guest Bedrooms

We've certainly filled every corner of our store with Christmas decor, and we hope to inspire you to do the same at home! It doesn't all have to be about the tree, ya know. You can sprinkle holiday cheer throughout every corner of your home, and create little moments that'll make you smile throughout the holiday season.

In the first installment of my "Christmas in Every Corner" posts, I'll hope to inspire you with some creative ways to integrate the holiday spirit into your guest bedrooms...

the entire tree.....why not?

The ideas...
  1. bedside tabletop trees
  2. garlands draped across headboards
  3. wreaths hung from ribbons in the windows
  4. stockings tied to the foot of the bed
  5. ornaments dangling from above
  6. small Christmas packages that coordinate with the colors of the room
  7. seasonal bedding accented in Christmas reds
These are all great ways to bring the holiday spirit into the guestroom!

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