Thursday, January 6, 2011

Floors To Adore: Wood Edition

While we most frequently focus on the walls, it is important not to ignore the 5th and 6th plane. Floors and ceilings can have dramatic impact on a space, and alter the interior experience completely. In this post, I'm showcasing some gorgeous wood flooring options; see below:

Reclaimed, wide planks get better with age and have a softer appeal when bleached or shown in a natural finish

Painting stripes onto a wood floor was a gutsy move, but absolutely worth it in this installation!

I will always desire a reclaimed wood floor laid in a herringbone pattern. classic.

This end-grain wood floor is one-of-a-kind!
but, c'mon how would you clean it???

more herringbone, aahhhh...

rustic floorboards, so warm and inviting

...stay tuned for the "Floors to Adore: Tile and Stone edition"

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